Beautiful fishes of many kinds available for sale at a very good prices in Cairns, Australia.

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Arowana Fish for Sale

Arowana Fish for Sale video

We supply arowana fishes like Red, Red Asian Arowana, jardiniere Arowana, Chili Red, Golden Arowana and Others. We supply best quality live Asian Arowana / Scleroses Formosus, from size 14 cm & up. Each equipped with Chip & certificate to comply with CITES. We deliver live Arowana by air cargo, so we can deliver to almost anywhere In the world. Re-sellers are welcomed to inquire.these fish Have a life span in excess of 20 years, and are a beautiful Investment for the perfect tank. auspicious and symbolizes Strength, prosperity,...

date published: 07 Sep 2014     valid until: 08 Sep 2015